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New Feet Sport Custom Insoles

NF Sport Custom Insoles are manufactured individually by hand to conform exactly to your foot.
Robust construction ensures they are strong to match your pace, allowing shock absorption, energy return and stability.
Breathable air mesh offers maximum ventilation antimicrobial to prevent bacteria and odor.
Temperature resistant to protect you from the harsh heat from the ground.

Why is the NF Sport Custom Made Insole
better than competing products?

The combination of best-in-class sensing and biomechanical analysis,
couple with best-in-class correction through orthotics
provides a complete solution to our users,
and is really the next generation
in orthotic foot care.

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Runners' Best Friend

Custom made arch support insoles that provide shock absorption, energy return and stability.
Made from Eco-One products, where they transform plastic goods into cutting edge Eco-friendly materials.

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arch support insoles image
arch support insoles image

Made with ECO-Friendly Materials

We manufacture our products with Eco-one® ingredients that transform plastic goods into cutting edge eco-friendly products.Eco-One® is a registered trademark of EcoLogic, LLC product company.

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Order Your Custom Made Insoles Today! And Boost Your Performance with these amazing custom orthotics!

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Learning about my stride, step and run pattern from My Custom Insoles has helped me to be aware of what care and attention my feet need. What has been the most beneficial in assisting with that is my custom insoles tailored specifically for me. Gait analysis is one facet of My Custom Insoles (arch support insoles / custom orthotics) that has improved my overall foot strike and run pattern. They are easy to use and my feet feel so well supported.
Miranda Otto

I just took up running after a 30-year absence and discovered my feet weren’t in the same shape as high school. I knew I was a pronator, but My Custom insoles told me a lot more. It’s a cool, high-tech way of figuring out exactly what’s going on with your feet. The arch support insoles they made look nothing like the ones I’ve had before—they’re much more precise. Now, I’m back in my running game. I might be slower than I was in high school, but finally, my Fred Flintstone feet feel fine.
Alan Cross

My NF Classic Black (arch support insoles) arrived looking very professional, durable, and a perfect match to my feet. Really makes a difference on my feet. These provide amazing comfort and relief. Great custom orthotics product at a reasonable price.
Jose Larios

I feel like I am walking on clouds, the orthotics are perfect! I have been walking on concrete until this morning!
Michael Mclarry

I got a new pair of sneakers with the custom insoles and they are fantastic. Running and exercising with zero pain.
Melinda Wade

The sport insoles (custom insoles) are now permanently a part of my sneakers. Incredibly comfortable!
Looking forward to another great year with the kids.
Rob Himebaugh,
Nova Director, STAR, West Hollywood Elementary