Custom Arch Support Insole Ordering Process

Custom Arch Support Insole Ordering Process

Step 1:

Place your order for your custom Arch Support Insole. Click Here!


Step 2:

Receive the smart insoles and the Foam Impression System required to make your arch support insole.



Step 3:

Download in your phone the free app for wireless measurement of foot pressure distribution and motion for the analysis of foot dynamics.



Step 4:

Pair with your smart insoles. Put them inside your shoes and start walking, jogging or running. This is a very important step for making your custom arch support insoles.



Step 5:

At the end of your activity just Stop and save on your phone.


Step 6:

Take an impression of your foot using the Foam Impression System.



Step 7:

Mail your Foam Impression System with your foot impression back to us using a pre-paid shipping label.

Please do not forget to include the smart insoles!


Step 8:

We can start building your custom-made arch support insoles as soon as we receive your foot impressions and smart insoles!

arch support insole image