Custom Orthotics, Arch Support Insoles Made Specifically For Your Feet

My Custom Insoles, makers of hand-crafted bespoke custom orthotics insoles or arch support insoles partner with Stridalyzer Smart Insole technology to provide customers with the best-in-class custom insoles that perfectly fit not only their feet, but also their biomechanical needs.

Intelligent sensing and hand-crafting combine to offer athletes the perfect custom orthotics insoles

custom orthotics imageMy Custom Orthotics Insoles and ReTiSense, makers of Stridalyzer Smart Insoles for runners, announce their partnership on launching NF Sport Performance Package. The package goal is to boost your exercise while protecting your feet, knees and back. The use of Stridalyzer smart insoles allows wireless measurement of foot pressure distribution and motion for the analysis of foot dynamics. The custom-made insole provides shock absorption, energy return and stability. Instead of working only on static footprint as most custom insole makers do, this combination of using static footprint cast and dynamic data sensed through Stridalyzer technology, My Custom Insoles aims to deliver most advanced experience to their customers providing them with best in class custom orthotics and arch support insoles made for their feet.  “We are really excited about the new process of building custom insoles as it helps us provide a new paradigm of user experience to our customers”, says Juan Delgado, owner of My Custom Insoles. “The combination of best-in-class sensing and biomechanical analysis, coupled with best-in-class correction through custom orthotics provides a complete solution to our users, and is really the next generation in custom orthotics foot care”, says Anshuman Singh, founder and President of ReTiSense.

Custom Orthotics Insoles

In the last 10 years the use of custom orthotics insoles, among athletes, has increased in order to have an extra edge in their sport, but also to avoid common injuries, many of them caused by either over-pronation or supination. Almost 8 in 10 Americans have experienced a foot problem –27% experience heel pain/plantar fasciitis, 27% pain in the ball of feet, 20% pain from high heels and 9% tendinitis. All common foot conditions that can be managed with My Custom Insoles.

Custom Orthotics Insoles Utilizing Smart Insoles

My Custom Insoles sends Stridalyzer Smart Insoles to their customer, who then uses the smart insoles so that the detailed information about the user’s gait, movement pattern, stress points, etc are calculated, and sent to My Custom Insoles. With the outcome of the motion for the analysis of foot analysis and the use of 3D foot impression system, the best custom-made insole is built. The core of the arch support, is made with a revolutionary product which makes it eco-friendly.  “The combination of technology, state of the art materials and the fact that each insole is manufactured by hand specifically for each customer, make this product unique,” comments Eva Hernandez co-owner of My Custom Insoles.

For further information, pricing and ordering information, My Custom Insoles can be contacted at or through email at, and ReTiSense can be contacted at RetiSense or through email at

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