May 16, 2016
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Shell: Semi-rigid Polypropylene. 1/8” crepe heel raise, 1/16 PPT extension to toes, 1/16” PPT bottom cover to toes, Posting incorporated within EVA arch reinforcement.


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Custom Sport Insoles Ideal for Advanced Athletes

Recommended for Running, jogging, hiking, skateboarding and training. NF stands for New Feet! NF Sport custom-made insoles provide shock absorption, energy return and stability using materials that transform plastic goods into cutting edge eco-friendly products. Eco One inside!

Custom Sport Insoles Technology

We use state of the art smart insoles that allow wireless measurement of foot pressure distribution and motion for the analysis of foot dynamics. Smart insoles measure which part of your foot impacted the ground, with what amount of force and for how long. Using this information along with your real foot impression using Foam Impression System we can built a custom-made insole for your motion control to reduce either over-pronation or supination, the leading cause of many common injuries such as plantar fasciitis.

Shopping with Tech category you will get:

  1. Gait Analysis is to know what NF insole model is best for you! Gait is the term used to describe the movements of walking, running or moving on your feet. It is a fundamental movement pattern that our bodies have evolved to perform. Using smart insoles technology, our Gait analysis involves 4 categories: Stance and Movement, Balance, Uniformity and Consistency.
  1. A Running Form Summary is produced right on your smart phone and sent via email from your Gait Analysis including some exercises to improve your foot health at the same price.
  2. The custom-made insole model that is better for you. Then, you can choose your special covering for the same price.

Please Note: Reorder price is $140.00


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