December 16, 2016
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January 17, 2017
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Stridalyzer PERFORMANCE insoles sync data with Stridalyzer App using BlueTooth LE.

Stridalyzer APP is available on iOS and Android.

Product comes with 1 pair insoles, dual-ended charging cable. App can be downloaded from AppStore/PlayStore. 1-year Analytics & Cloud storage included.

Warranty: 1 Year


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Welcome to the best real-time running form and performance monitoring!

Go beyond the basic parameters (distance, pace, calories). Understand your Stride Length, Stride Rate and Real-Time estimated stress distribution. The multi-sensor insoles offer best-in-class battery life and is targeted for the runners trying to get that last bit of advantage through form and running stance improvement. Performance does not store data in the smart insoles.

When you run with Stridalyzer Smart Insoles, at the end of every run, Stridalyzer Smart Insoles App works with the cloud-based Analytics system to analyze your entire run for the 5 areas, and provides a rating to each area:

  • Cadence: Are you taking the recommended number of steps per minute – about 160-180?
  • Ground Contact Time: The lower your GCT, the better, as that means you are utilizing the knee & hip spring action optimally.
  • Foot Strike & Stance: While heel strike in itself is not a big problem, if your heel strike tends to cause you to overstride, that’s a concern.
  • Body Balance: Stridalyzer detects the load distribution on each leg, and calculates the avg. distribution throughout the run. Needless to say, a disbalanced loading will increase injury risk on the leg that’s overloaded.
  • Impact Stress: Stridalyzer senses and measures impact stress throughout your run. A uniformly distributed stress pattern ensures no part of the leg is taking undue burden, as excessive loading on any one area increases injury risk significantly.

If you score a rating of 4 and above – you’re doing good! Otherwise, you might want to consider our guidance and recommendation for fixing some of the issues!


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